New Parents: Create a Fitness Program That Works: Exercise and Connect With Your Baby

set-of-health-day-banners-with-people-doing-sport_23-2147610705Before you had children, it may have been difficult to exercise. Finding the time to exercise when you are busy with a baby may seem impossible. It’s definitely possible, and in fact, it’s good for you! Becoming active will help see you through sleepless nights and other challenging and exciting times of your baby’s early childhood.


Stretching is a gentle way to relax, heal your body after childbirth, and release tension in your sore muscles. You can stretch on the floor in your home. Place your baby on the floor and reach out towards him. Do yoga on your stomach, face to face with your baby as he has tummy time. If you are feeling more ambitious, sign up for a “mommy and me” yoga class.

Work With Weights

Carrying a baby can be hard work. It’s important to develop good core, arm, and back strength. Of course, do consult a medical professional prior to starting an exercise program. Make sure that your body has recovered from childbirth before you begin to work with weights.It is suggested to use a heart rate monitor in this case.If you don’t have one,you can search on Amazon for heart rate monitors reviews to find one that meets your needs.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to work with weights, nor do you need to head to the gym. Even small, light weights can strengthen your muscles. Try wearing ankle bands as you move around the house. Or use nursery rhymes that involve movement as resistance exercises, using your baby as the weight!

Line up a good doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist who can give you tips on ways to carry your baby that work for your body. Look into good baby carriers. Professionals can also help you create a program of exercises that will prevent injuries by strengthening the muscles you use to carry your baby.

Take a Hike

Hiking and walking around the neighbourhood can be a wonderful way to get out, re-energize, and help your baby learn about the world around him. A forest walk is relaxing and introduces your child to nature. A city or neighbourhood walk is a great way to interact with neighbours, get some much needed adult conversation, and perhaps even grab a cup of coffee.

Invest in good walking shoes, a good baby carrier, and a backpack that doubles as a diaper bag for mostly hands-free hiking. To avoid back pain, make sure that you choose a baby carrier that is a good fit for your body. The Baby Wearer has many excellent resources for those wanting to walk while carrying a baby.

If you’d like to make new friends while exercising, many areas now have Stroller Fit classes where new parents get together with babies and strollers and do an exercise class or a walk using the strollers as exercise equipment.

Run or Jog

Perhaps you were a long-distance runner prior to having a baby. Or maybe you are thinking of starting to run to meet a personal goal or lose weight. Good jogging strollers are expensive, but they are often available at used sporting goods stores or on Craigslist. Just make sure that you take the stroller in for a tune-up before taking it on a run.

Runs are a perfect thing to do during nap time. Older babies enjoy looking at the sights around them, then they fall asleep as you run. You get some quiet time and exercise and baby gets a nap. If your baby isn’t one to fall asleep in the stroller, go for a destination run by heading to a local park and back. That way, your baby gets some time out of the stroller in the middle of the run. Make sure you warm up and cool down before and after each section of the run.

You Can Be a Good Role Model

As your child grows into a toddler and preschooler, she will want to copy what you do. If you exercise with her and she sees others exercising too, she will internalize the idea that fitness is for everyone and that is a normal part of life. This sets up an excellent practise for later in life.

Enjoy your fitness program and your new baby!